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Robert B. Archibald received his B.A. from the University of Arizona in 1968 and his PhD from Purdue University in 1974. After two years at the Bureau of Labor Statistics in Washington, he came to William and Mary in 1976. In the past he has been the Chair of the economics department for five years, served as the Interim Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences for a year and was Director of the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy for three years.  He teaches principles of macroeconomics, intermediate macroeconomics, statistics, and a seminar in the economics of higher education. Professor Archibald's research focuses on higher education economics.

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Current Research: 

  • "A Quality-Preserving Increase in Four-Year College Attendance:  Evidence from NLS-72 and ELS:2002,” co-authored with David Feldman and Peter McHenry.
  • Turbulent Waters: The Future of America’s Colleges and Universities, under contract Oxford University Press, coauthored with David Feldman.


Selected Publications: 

  • Why Does College Cost So Much? (Oxford University Press, 2011), coauthored with David Feldman (paperback edition 2014)
  • Redesigning the Financial Aid System: Why Colleges and Universities Should Switch Roles with the Federal Government (Johns Hopkins University Press, 2002).

·         “Explaining Increases in Higher Education Costs” Journal of Higher Education, 79 (May/June 2008) pages 268-295, coauthored with David Feldman.

·         “Graduation Rates and Accountability:  Regressions versus Production Frontiers,” Research in Higher Education, Vol. 41, No 1. (February 2008), pages 80-106, coauthored with David Feldman.

·         “State Higher Education Spending and the Tax Revolt,” Journal of Higher Education, Vol. 77, No. 4 (2006), pages 618-644, coauthored with David Feldman.